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Moving Aroad?


Export Services


Brytons removals offer a wide range of competitively priced services to give you the best experience when moving abroad. Our professional international movers and packers will be there every step of the way to take this “load” off your shoulders. We have our own bonded warehouses and customer clearance licenses, we can assure our clients that we keep total control of their effects right through to the final delivery. Your overseas moving experience doesn’t have to leave you feeling strained, let us help you on this journey.
Brytons make use of only the best packing material to ensure the safety of your household items until it reaches its destination. Our expert packers separately place your delicate items like, glass, porcelain and books in export modular cartons to make sure your favorite items survive your international move. The modular units we use are designed to take up minimum space within the container while ensuring the protection of each item within the shipping container. If you choose to move your entire household overseas, we will pack the contents directly into the container at your residence, as opposed to when you chose our “Shared” container option, where we pack your belongings into a container that you will share with another person or company. If you are moving to one of the more unusual areas of the world, not served by container vessels, we make a special timber lift-van to the exact size of your consignment, and then we ship it through International Consolidators.
If you need to place your items in storage before shipping them to your new international destination, we have you covered. We have customized storage pallets to keep your belongings safe until you need them transported. Our warehouses are fumigated on a regular basis for pest control, as well as equipped with sprinklers and security systems to meet international standards. All Valuable items will be stored in a separate high security facility with restricted access, to ensure its safety.
Brytons mostly makes use of overseas shipping to transport your belongings, we offer regular sailings to all international destinations. We use only the best shipping lines to ensure reliability throughout your entire overseas move. Our overseas destination agents have been specially selected for the reputable service they offer and they are fully acquainted with all aspects involving the clearing, delivering and unpacking of your personal effects. Our registered bonded warehouse and customs clearing license enables us to customs clear both import and export containers, eliminating unnecessary delays, and keeps your worldwide shipment safely under our control.
Brytons offers full liability cover as part of our international removal service. We bid various options under our liability cover, such as door to door all the way through to total loss. Our extensive cover also includes your vehicle if you choose to take it on your international moving adventure. We only require that you complete a booklet with all required information, which we them send through for approval.
Your prized vehicle will be able to accompany you to your new international destination. We will make all arrangements for the shipping of your motor vehicle, either on a shared basis or an exclusive use of a container and will be pleased to include this factor in your international moving quote. To export a motor vehicle, you will need the following documentation: original registration papers, request for police clearance form (RPC), a police clearance certificate and export permit.
Unexpected moving complication often arise, especially if your move is work related. This is why we offer an express air fright international moving option, to ensure that your overseas furniture relocation is the easiest part of the move. Many destinations can be served on a consolidated charter basis at surprisingly reasonable costs, for your collection from the airport or delivery to your residence. Speak to us about an air fright relocation quote before you start stressing about life’s unexpected turns.
In today’s modern age, most families can’t imagine leaving a family member behind, we are of course talking about your beloved pets. With Brytons you can rest assured that your pets will experience this new journey with you. Through our diverse network, we can arrange the transportation of your adored pets, and will advise on health, documentation and quarantine requirements worldwide. Documents required: Health certificate from your local vet, current rabies inoculation, etc. We take international animal transportation as seriously as you do and will handle them with the best care possible at all times.
Documentation Required for the export of personal effects and furniture:


  1. Obtain Bank Clearance Form N.E.P. for Household goods and motor vehicle – if required from your bank.
  2. Obtain Police Clearance for Motor Vehicle
  3. Obtain Export Clearance for Motor Vehicle
  4. Obtain Export Permit for Wine
  5. Obtain Tax Clearance from Receiver of revenue.
  6. International Drivers License.

Hints & Tips


Before Packing for your International Move

  • When comparing international moving quotes always check that the rates of exchange and the volumes are the same on all of the quotes for accurate comparisons.
  • Always use a reputable global moving company. These are easily identified by their memberships to one or more of the following moving institutes: SAIMA, BAR, IAM.
  • Before signing any contract or acceptance form with any International Moving company, please ensure that your moving quotation is based on a door to door service and stipulates any exclusions.
  • If you are unsure of any factor regarding your international relocation, feel free to contact the removal company or any of the moving institutes (your remover will be happy to provide the contact names and numbers) or contact the Road Freight Association on 012 349 1256.
  • Please ensure that you have completed your Liability cover form prior to the packing day. This day is usually too busy to complete it and you are likely to miss items.

Day of your Big International Relocation

  • Ensure that all items not to be packed and travel documents are removed from the home.
  • Arrange access and parking with the Body Corporate if you reside in a complex.
  • Fridges & Freezers must be fully defrosted and cleaned with Bicarbonate of Soda.
  • Washing machines must be drained and the drum secured for transport.
  • Lawn mowers must be cleaned and drained of oil and petrol.
  • Flammable items are prohibited i.e. oil paints, thinners, petrol, aerosol canisters

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No matter where you are moving, Brytons is here to make your global relocation run smoothly.

Moving to South Africa?


Import Services


Brytons international removals offer a wide range of competitively priced services to overseas agents and individuals looking to ship goods into South Africa. We will provide you with any help needed with immigration services and international removals, to make your global move as easy as possible. We dependably provide professional quality services and as we have our own bonded warehouses and customer clearance licenses we can assure our clients that we keep total control of their effects right through to the final delivery.
We offer secure palletized storage for all your belongings in our large high security warehouses. As a furniture moving company we know the importance of keeping your possessions safe and how to accomplish this from fire protection, pest control to hi-tech security systems. Motor vehicles are kept in our secured open store and will be handed out with fully charged batteries.
Should our import clients not be in the country at the time their overseas shipment arrives, or be in possession of the regulatory documentation, we are able to offer bonded storage in our own secure customs-controlled facility, ensuring total control of the effects, and avoiding costly demurrages on containers. Customs examinations are carried out in this same facility, under our control.
Our license enables us to submit our own entries to Customs, ensuring a more personalized service, and the opportunity to negotiate directly with Customs should any problems arise with the clearance of the effects.

South Africa Customs Regulations on Importation of:


Immigrants, returning residents and temporary residents, may import household and personal effects into South Africa duty free. Customs forms DA304 and P1.160 must be completed in triplicate and presented to the Department of Customs and Excise, together with their passport, showing exit/entry stamps, residence permit or South African Identity documents for attestation. Returning residents must have been out of the country for an unbroken absence of a minimum of six months before they are automatically entitled to duty free importation of household and personal effects purchased while out of South Africa. Temporary residents must be in a possession of a valid temporary work permit before they can import household and personal effects duty free. Foreign diplomats are allowed duty free importation upon production of a detailed inventory and a diplomatic clearance certificate “A” completed and signed by the relevant Embassy/Consulate in South Africa and countersigned by the South African Department of Foreign Affairs.
The Beneficiary must produce a certified copy of the Last Will and Testament, where in the items are bequeathed plus a certified copy of the Death Certificate.
Import permits are essential when importing firearms, ammunition, wines and alcohol. These permits may be obtained from local Embassy in the country of origin, or Department of Trade and Industry in Pretoria. Firearm permits are applied for on a form SAP 311, (Application for the Importation of a Firearm), obtainable from the Central Firearm Register, Tel No 012-353-6243 and must be completed and signed by the importer and submitted to the South African Police. The aforementioned items will be stopped by Customs Officials for examination, and duty may be payable.
Immigrants are allowed one vehicle per family, duty free. This vehicle must have been used and registered in the name of the importer for a minimum of one year prior to shipment to South Africa. A client must have had permanent residence in the country from which he is exporting the vehicle in order to avoid duties. A special import permit must be obtained from the Department of Trade and Industry in Pretoria Tel No: 012 428 7793. The Department will require proof of ownership e.g. registration papers as well as official proof of value of the vehicle, before they can issue the import permit. A Letter of Authority must then be obtained from the South African Bureau of Standards in Pretoria Tel: 012 428 6276. A form DA304A (supplied by Brytons) along with the above documentation, must be submitted to customs with the original passport for attestation. Once imported, the vehicle cannot be sold or otherwise disposed of for two years. Returning Residents will pay full duties of 40% + 15% Vat on the value of the vehicle, unless the importer can satisfy the South African Customs that the vehicle was originally exported out of South Africa by themselves. Alternatively, they must prove that they held permanent residence in the country of export, and that their intention was to remain in that country, when the vehicle was purchased. Other requirements and documentation, remain the same as for immigrants. Temporary residents must lodge a provisional payment with South African Customs to cover full duties and taxes. This deposit is refundable when the vehicle leaves South Africa, or when permanent residency is obtained. Proof of value e.g. purchase invoice and a valid temporary residence permit must be produced.




Importation Services Included:

  • Normal customs clearance and Terminal Handling Charges
  • One direct delivery ex-port/airport to residence or store
  • Complete unpacking and setting up at residence and removal of packing debris on day of delivery
  • I.S.O. Container turn-in within 100 kilometer radius of destination city

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No matter where you are moving, Brytons is here to make your relocation run smoothly.

Importation Services Excluded:

  • Cargo Dues – usually collected directly from client
  • Customs Examination if required by Customs
  • Duties, taxes and demurrage charges
  • Storage, Warehouse handling & demurrage charges
  • Linehaul on containers from Port to inland terminal on through ocean bill of Lading where this has not been prepaid at origin
  • NVOCC, Consolidators charges and airfreight handover charges which will be billed back to the origin agent at cost.
  • Assembly of modular furniture requiring specialist tools and assembly
  • Additional cost for- Heavy items i.e. pianos, safes, etc
  • Liability Cover

For further information, you may wish to access Customs direct at: